Dolphins News · Stronger, Faster, Smarter: Strength & Conditioning Workouts for Creek Athletes

Battery Creek Strength & Conditioning

As Creek student-athletes, this is the time to work on your strength and conditioning. Our new Head of Strength and Conditioning Coach Ryan McConnell has put together strength, speed, and conditioning workouts for you as Creek student-athletes to do in the comfort of their own home.

This is not to replace anything that your coach has already given, but if you need something to continue to work on your strength, speed, and conditioning, these are the workouts for you.

To find the Battery Creek Quarantine Workout Packet click on the following link: Battery Creek Quarantine Workout

Tutorial videos are located on YouTube on the BC Strength and Conditioning channel at the following link: Battery Creek S & C. Begin with the Intro video and watch the other videos to learn proper technique to complete each workout.

Also, check out BCHS Strength and Conditioning section on for the latest news in BCHS Strength and Conditioning.